bub - she - taken

hello im bub (also val!) i am a minor + neurodivergent.
talking to people daily tires me out jsyk

i love naruto uzumaki himself and my dear evy bear
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. u fit normal dnfi criteria (pedo, racist, terf,+more)
. dont support acab/blm
. support alm
. believe in reverse racism

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i am sasuke uchiha, will graham, and valtiel irl. i would prefer if doubles did not follow me + i do kin but i shift often
i am in love with naruto uzumaki, hannibal and pyramid head.
i am an angel + fruit bat + seal + ferret irl

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art twt - sasukekinnie
personal twt - ask
discord - bub#8151
quotev - valtiel
neocities - dreamboy
roblox - ask
steam - ask

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i love you evy bear so much you have been with me through thick and thin and i appreciate that so much. you mean the world and even more to me and i cannot wait to be able to see you and hold ur hands and kiss u. i love you so very much!
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